• Product Name: Newcastle disease and infectious bronchitis live vaccine Bivalent
  • Product Number: 001

For the prevention of Newcastle disease and infectious bronchitis.

【Name】 veterinary medicine
Generic Newcastle disease, infectious bronchitis bivalent live vaccine (La Sota + H120)
Goods were not
English name Newcastle Disease and Infectious Bronchitis Vaccine (La Sota + H120), Living
Pinyin Ji Xinchengyi Chuanranxing Ziqiguanyan Erlian Huo Yimiao (La Sota + H120)

The main components and content】
This product contains La Sota Newcastle disease virus strains and strains of avian infectious bronchitis virus H120. Each plume La Sota strain of Newcastle Disease virus content of not less than 1.0 × 106.0EID50, H120 strain of avian infectious bronchitis virus content of not less than 1.0 × 103.5EID50.

【】 Yellow sponge-like physical properties of loose clumps, easy and out of the bottle wall, add dissolved rapidly after dilution.

【Action and Uses】 for the prevention of Newcastle disease and infectious bronchitis.

【Usage and Dosage】
Yu specified by the bottle were signed with saline, distilled water or good water quality of cold water dilution. Intranasal immunization of each eye or feather 0.03ml. Drinking water, immunization dose was doubled. :5-10 reference water intake per day of chicken feathers were 5-10ml ,20-30 day-old chickens each plume 10-20ml, the chicken feathers were each 20-30ml.
Note: La Sota + H120 bivalent vaccine for more than 7 days old chicken.

Adverse reactions generally no visible adverse reactions.

1. Diluted vaccine should let cool dark place, must be used within 4 hours.
2. Drinking water disinfectants immunization hanged with water or metal containers, drinking water, immune to stop drinking at least 4 hours.

【Storage】 at -15 ℃ and kept valid for a period of one and a half years.

Treatment measures】 【waste packaging and the remaining vaccines can not be arbitrarily discarded bottles, subject to heating or be abandoned after sterilization.

【Specification】 250 plume and packaging / bottle, 500 birds were / bottle, 1000 plume / bottle, 10 bottles / box, 24 boxes / case.

【Approval number】 veterinary vocabulary (2005) 080 012 019

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