• Product Name: Avian influenza - Recombinant bivalent live vaccine against Newcastle disease
  • Product Number: 002

For the prevention of chicken H5 subtype of avian influenza and Newcastle disease.

【Name】 veterinary medicine

    Common name of bird flu, Newcastle disease recombinant bivalent vaccine (rL-H5 strain)

    No trade name

    English name Avian Influenza and Newcastle Disease Recombinant Vaccine, Live (rL-H5 Strain)

    Pinyin Qintiugan Xinchengyi Chongzu Erlian Huoyimiao (rL-H5 Zhu)

The main components with the contents】 recombinant Newcastle disease virus with avian influenza rL-H5 strain at least lO6.0EID50 / birds.

【Properties】 yellow sponge-like mass of loose, easy off with the bottle wall, add dissolved rapidly after dilution.

【Action and Uses】 for the prevention of chicken H5 subtype of avian influenza and Newcastle disease.

【Usage and Dosage】 intranasal, eye, intramuscular, or drinking water. Recommended to avoid eye first, intranasal or intramuscular injection, according to endorse the plume bottle, diluted with normal saline or other appropriate dilution. Each eye, intranasal inoculation of 0.05m1 (including l plume), or leg, intramuscular injection of 0.2ml (containing l plume). After two free immunization to enhance immunity, such as use of water ways, the dose should be doubled.

Recommended immunization schedules for the ND HI titers of maternal antibodies dropped 4log2 the following 2 to 3 weeks of age or the first free (broiler chickens can be moved up to lO ~ 14 days), 3 weeks after first immunization to enhance immunity. After an interval of 8 to 10 weeks, or Newcastle disease HI antibody titers fell to 4log2 the following, intramuscular, eye or water booster once.

Adverse reactions generally no visible adverse reactions.


    (1) to preserve and transport should be cold, dark: the vaccine diluted, let cool dark place, should be used within 2 hours, and can not with any disinfectant contact; the remaining waste after disinfection diluted vaccine.

    (2) intranasal, immunization should ensure that adequate eye l Yu liquid is absorbed doses of vaccine; intramuscular immunization following specifications should be used 7 needles, so that the liquid flow back to the needle; drinking water, immunization, avoid using metal containers, drinking before should be at least 4 hours without water.

    (3) by the immune chickens should be in a healthy state. If you can not ensure that the upper respiratory and digestive tract mucosa no other pathogen infection or inflammation should be intranasal, while use of intramuscular immunization eye immunization, each chicken were inoculated with a total l Yu.

    (4) before vaccination and 2 weeks after inoculation, should definitely be avoided in any other form of Newcastle disease vaccine use; and infectious bursal disease, infectious bronchitis, and other live vaccines should be separated using 5 to 7 days, so as not to affect the immune effects.

    (5) should be proper guidance at the local veterinary use.

【Specification】 500 plume / bottle

【Packing】 10 bottles / box

【Storage】 -20 ℃ Following preservation, interim period of 12 months.

【Approval number】 veterinary vocabulary (2005) 080 012 112

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