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Date:2011年2月14日 17:08

November 3, 2010 -4, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science and Technology Finance Bureau at the Ministry of Agriculture Department of Education "to carry out repairs on the organization of the acquisition notice of acceptance of special projects" (Agricultural Science (conditions) letter [2009] 204) requirements and acceptance of the relevant provisions of the organization of work, tissue engineering, equipment, financial experts, the Institute of Kazakhstan beast of a housing renovation project in 2007-2008, and three equipment purchase project acceptance.

Acceptance by the National Expert Group on Fisheries Technology Extension Station Director Chen Aiping other five experts. School Finance Liu Ying Tao, Deputy Secretary, Financial Management Office and the Bureau of Special Finance related personnel to participate in my acceptance. The morning of November 4, the group reviewed the relevant information and conduct on-site field inspection. In the November 4 meeting in the afternoon, the group heard Kazakhstan Zhao Guohui, deputy director of animal research on the repair options of project implementation, special funds to the review of audit reports and on-site reporting. After questions and discussion, the group that purchased repair Kazakhstan Institute animal projects are completed in accordance with the implementation of programs related to share project content repair, financial management practices, project files are well documented. Kazakhstan Institute of Veterinary Group purchased the project on completion of the repair is very satisfied with the repair of Kazakhstan where animals share project research results achieved are greatly appreciated, agreed to acceptance. At the meeting, Kazakhstan beast Institute staff also purchase instruments and equipment with the expert group on issues related to the procurement process conducted in-depth discussion and exchanges in order to further enhance the acquisition of normative instruments and equipment.

Purchased through this two-year repair project, which greatly improved the Kazakhstan Institute animal research environment and infrastructure conditions. For example: Kazakhstan animal research base for the housing renovation project in experimental animals effectively improve the scientific basis for environmental and animal husbandry conditions; equipment acquisition projects address the urgent needs of the technology platform, to some extent compensate for the lack of scientific research and the status of construction of the basic conditions for the Kazakhstan Institute animal research and development provides a basis for protection.

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